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French Translation in India

French is used as the official language of 22 countries and is the co-official language of several others, including Belgium, Canada, Haiti, Madagascar, and Switzerland. French is one of the worlds great languages, rivalled only by English as the language of international society and diplomacy. Besides in France itself, French can be heard in several other European countries, widely throughout Africa, and also in various dependencies. In addition, it is the unofficial second language of Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and many others.

French is the mother tongue of about 75 million people, with millions more familiar with it as a second language. French is one of the romance languages, descended from Latin. A number of dialects initially emerged but history favoured the North and Parisian French gained ascendancy over the others.The source of modern French (and of the other Romance languages) was a spoken, popular version of the Latin tongue that was spread abroad by conquering Roman legions – namely, in the case of French, to so-called “Transalpine Gaul” by the armies of Julius Caesar during the century that preceded the birth of Christ. A French-speaking person or nation may be referred to as "Francophone" in both English and French.

Best French Translation Service Provider in India

We provide a high quality French translation, French Interpretation & French localization services in India and other customers located in different parts of the world. All our French translators are native speakers of the country with relevant experience and education in different industrial domains such as Medical, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Technical, Education, Legal, Tours & Travels, Finance and Banking. Remember that your customer knows their local French language better than you and hence it is important that you choose the right French translators to communicate in the French language efficiently. From last several years, we are helping our customers to expand their business locally and internationally and serving based on their needs. This made us preferred translation partner among most of our customers who needs translation services on regular basis.

French Interpretation Service Provider in India

We have professional French interpreters in India available for all Business meetings, Conferences, Exhibition, Installation of Machineries, Legal Court Trials, Film Shooting, Tours & Travels and many other purposes as and when needed. We provide interpretation services in small and major cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Goa, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Orissa, Calcutta, Agra, Dehradun, Solapur, Thane, Nasik, Nagpur, and so on.

Top French Document Translation Agency in India

Document translations in French are needed for various official purposes and are often demanded by the country’s official. Many of the countries only accept the documents if it is written in their official French language. Many of the customers are already taking benefits from our French Document translation service. We offer following document translation in French language:

Academic Documents Translation in French Language Agreement Translation in French Language Article of Association Translation in French Language
Birth Certificate Translation in French Language Book Translation in French Language Brochure, Pamphlets Translation in French Language
Death Certificate Translation in French Language Driving License Translation in French Language Educational Certificates Translation in French Language
Financial Documents Translation in French Language Immigration Documents Translation in French Language Iqama or Residence Permit Translation in French Language
Legal Documents Translation in French Language Manual Translation in French Language Marketing Materials Translation in French Language
Birth Certificate Translation in French Language Book Translation in French Language Brochure, Pamphlets Translation in French Language
Marks Sheet Translation in French Language Marriage Certificate Translation in French Language Medical Records Translation in French Language
Profile Translation in French Language Passports Translation in French Language Memorandum of Association Translation in French Language
Software Strings Translation in French Language Technical Document Translation in French Language Travel Documents Translation in French Language
Visa Translation in French Language Visiting Cards Translation in French Language Website Translation in French Language
Marks Sheet Translation in French Language Marriage Certificate Translation in French Language Medical Records Translation in French Language

French Website Translation Service in India

If you are looking to expand your market and reach out to your target locales in French speaking countries, try our website localization service. Website serve as the face of your company and it is important that you have quality content about your products and services to share with your customer and convert every visit into Sales.

We translate your websites in French language in such a way that it is not only suitable to the French locale but also in line with the search engines keywords which would help you to improve your rankings and increase the number of visits to your French website.

French Audio Transcriptions Services in India

Transcription involves an French Translator or French Transcriber Listening to an Audio or Video Recording and Producing a Written Version of recording in the same or other language as requested by the customer. Why invest your time to hire the onsite French transcriber and invest in support activities? Just outsource the French transcription work in India to us and we will take care of all you transcription needs whether it is Medical, Legal, Technical or any other content.

We will provide you with customized quote for your document translation services along with the timeline required for the job at hand. We are a highly dedicated team that is committed to offering the customers with top class translation services. You will certainly get the best value for your money when you choose our company for all your document translation requirements.

French Translation Services worldwide

No matter where you are and which language you are looking for. We will be able to provide French Translation worldwide namely Mumbai, Dubai UAE, USA (America), Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Lebanon, Kuwait, China, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Korea, Japan, Bahrain, Brazil, Indonesia, Russia, Iraq, Iran, Oman, Yemen, Syria, Eqypt, Africa, Romania, Argentina, Turkey, Thailand, Canada, Netherland, Greece, Denmark and many more countries.

French Translation in MumbaiFrench Translation in DelhiFrench Translation in Punjab
French Translation in PuneFrench Translation in ChennaiFrench Translation in Hyderabad
French Translation in AhmedabadFrench Translation in BangaloreFrench Translation in Nasik
French Translation in JaipurFrench Translation in LucknowFrench Translation in Chandigarh
French Translation in NagpurFrench Translation in LudhianaFrench Translation in Amritsar
French Translation in BhopalFrench Translation in SuratFrench Translation in Jharkhand
French Translation in KolkataFrench Translation in GurgaonFrench Translation in Dehradun
French Translation in GujaratFrench Translation in HaryanaFrench Translation in Kerala

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